What does evolution have to say about love?

The purpose of love is to pass on our genes.

Now that we got that sobering and un-romantic fact out of the way, let’s take a step back.

Scientific revolutions have this annoying habit of constantly forcing us to reexamine everything we…

A guide to the art of the conversation

New York City’s Bryant Park is an oasis of green surrounded by a desert of grey concrete buildings. I sat on a dark green chair underneath a dark green umbrella overlooking a square of bright green grass.

“So how important is luck?” a voice inquired next to me.

I turned…

Some names are hot. Other names are named after U.S. Presidents.

I was supposed to be born on July 4th. Eager to fit into a country they just immigrated to, my parents named me after America’s first president. So I became a “George.”

Growing up, I liked my name. It’s recognizable without being overly common. I never had to compete with…

A semi-serious guide to modern dating

You met him on an app. Tumble or Hinder or Binge. One of them. All of them. You forget which. You swiped right based off a picture and a 25 word bio — he loves dogs and traveling.

Now you’re at a trendy coffee shop/restaurant/bar. He’s talking about his recent…

Or at least reconsider asking someone to take our photo

After standing in line for 30 minutes at what felt like a ride to Disney World, the doors finally opened and my group was ushered into a cavernous room. Painted directly on the wall in front of me was the Da Vinci masterpiece,

It’s a surreal experience…


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